Bitwallet Review: Is It Worth Using?

Cryptocurrency world witnesses a new launch every day. Whether it is virtual currency, blockchain tech, or a crypto wallet, there is something innovative and surprising that leaves the virtual currency lovers stunned.

Bitwallet is one of the latest entries in this regard. Bitwallet as the name suggests is wallet where people can digitally buy and sell cryptocurrency as well as keep track of it.

Is Bitwallet Legitimate?

Yes, bitwallet is completely safe and secure to use.

The virtual currency wallet is managed by experienced and reputed management personnel. The company is registered as a United States Department of Treasury “Money Serve Business”.

Moreover, the company is already featured on multiple reputed online publications such as Forbes, Yahoo finance, and many more. Thus, it can be said that the company is here to stay and offer users with genuine crypto trading services.

How to Get Bitwallet?

The app is accessible for people all over the world. And, almost anyone can download it and install from Play Store and Apple App store for the Android and iOS platform, Except for a few states in the US where it is not supported at the moment. Those states are:

  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • New Hampshire
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia

For information on supported countries, you can check its official FAQ page here.

What can you do with BitWallet?

The crypto wallet comes with a diverse range of services. Whether you’re an individual or a business, there are multiple services to make virtual currency trade as simple as pie.

As an individual, you can keep an eye on the market and trade, buy or sell your desired crypocurrency almost instantly. Although, the company at this moment allows to buy a max of $250 bitcoins for the people in the US or $500 internationally, the limit would for sure extended in the future.

The best Part about Bitwallet is it is free to use. And, there are minimal operating charges for transactions. Merely 1% per transaction.

For business – now you can accept payments in cryptocurrency in flash. No matter you’ve ecommerce stores, a marketplace, or a physical store, you can make the virtual currency payments for the customers safe, reliable, and hassle-free via this app. The incredible part – it allows businesses to accept payments from anyone in the world.

The tech behind this innovative technology is managed by experience blockchain engineers who endeavor to build a safe ecosystem for both individuals and businesses by protecting the wallet with military grade encryption. Hence, you can always be assured that your money is in safe hands.

Final Verdict

There are umpteen of scams in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry that makes identifying and choosing the prominent one a hell of a task.

In our review of Bitwallet – we drilled into every detail about this future virtual currency wallet and what are its benefits, implications, and setback for the end users. From all the evidences and transparent information on the website, we can credibly instate that you can use it without doubt for trading, selling, and buying bitcoins and Altcoins.