Bitozz ICO – Comprehensive Solutions for Trading Options and Futures

Cryptocurrencies have been embraced into the mainstream much more than experts predicted. With this adoption, Bitozz is forming a marketplace that will give the trader numerous investment options and tools for the trade. It will also lower the risks for the trader. The network participants will have an environment that helps them to grow their digital portfolios easily.

Bitozz will give the traders solutions that are custom made and users will get a product that meets the needs they have. However, the user will be able to change their preference so that they control how they interact with the system. The end game of the network is to provide choice for the users as well and let them decide whether to invest or trade.

The solutions that the user will be picking from translate to a huge consumer base. Consequently, the crypto verse enjoys more liquidity which hopefully drives the coin’s demand up and increases the value of the token. This is something that the community of investors interested in Bitozz has been working on.

How the exchange works

The platform will offer products such as margin trading, options trading, and spot trading. With spot trading, the user sells or buys tokens or coins to be delivered instantly. Margin trading allows you to pay a one-off fee. Options trading, on the other hand, are executed any time before they expire. The platform offers up to 22 options, each with its risks and rewards.

The final product sold on the platform is the financial integration and advanced API that allows the trading experience of the user to be hassle-free. They are able to connect with third party customs, APIs, and binary. The design of the platform allows integration with a banking and payment gateway.

The Bitozz solution

The Bitozz platform has made advanced order types that enable algorithm trading per user type. The idea is for the platform to eliminate the carrying costs by replacing them with one-time fees, like with spot trading. However, the exchange is not limited to derivative products. It also works as a one-stop shopping solution.

The token, BITOZZ, operates on the Ethereum blockchain and allows the trader 10% in profits. These profits are shared like monthly dividends with the holders. Another 10% is used to purchase the tokens to burn them. Ideally, the tokens are collateral on the platform when a trader is requesting for a fiat loan. The holder gets a discount on their structure when they use the token.

Why would you participate in the ICO?

Bitozz is a new platform for trading whose algorithm is uniquely designed to make you, the trader, the central focus. As a participant, you can be confident as you diversify your portfolio, hedge, or even speculate about many asset propositions. As a user, you have the advantage in that you can customize the system to your trading strategies and their parameters.

The interface is also beginner friendly and easy to use. You can even trade without any real cryptocurrency trading knowledge as long as you know the basic workings of the system. That means that anyone, whether an individual or an institutional user will gain. Broken down, the benefits of the system include:

  • Advanced order types

The platform’s design allows for advanced order types. There is an algorithm that allows you to trade efficiently. It can be in bracket order, cover or multiple orders as seen on the image below:

Figure 1: Advanced Order Types on Bitozz

  • Hedging

As a user, you can speculate on the platform. The aim is to help make your portfolio more diverse. This is to say that you can try out different offerings easily.

  • Quick execution of the trade

As a user on the platform, you can trade quickly. You can make use of the ‘Point-and-click’ option on the interface to make the process effective.

  • Zero carrying costs

With the platform, you can leverage up to 25 times without paying any funding or carrying fees. This makes the platform affordable.

Bitozz vision and goals

Bitozz is looking to make the trading platform unique through decentralization. The many tools for traders give the platform an edge over the competition. The solutions the company promises to deliver meet a specific demand for many traders in the space which is also a plus on the company’s goals.

The tools will unite the diverse market under one platform to allow for transparent trading in a safe environment. This creates a huge potential for user loyalty. In the end, the company hopes to make it easy to transact with digital money so that both the newbie and the tech-savvy individual get to grow.

The company’s white paper claims that the platform’s security is robust. This will help users to know that their investments are safe. Which investor does not want that assurance?

Further reading:

Website: https://bitozz.com/home

White Paper: https://bitozz.com/pdf/Bitozz_Exchange_White_Paper.pdf

Author: Gustafio


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