Bitluxtravel: High-End Private Jet Charter Companies Accept Crypto

There are more than 12 000 charter aircraft in the US alone and thousands all over the world. The private aviation market is diverse and versatile. The clientele ranges from the rich and famous to business and government executives. When clients book a private charter, one of the biggest hurdles they have had to overcome is payments.

Initially, the charter world used Wire Transfers whose major drawback is that they are dependent on people and their business hours. It is difficult to get a last minute booking if the banks are closed. Credit cards also have their limitations. Other than delayed schedules for payout, the money has to be processed to prevent fraud, and this process is expensive — credit card processing costs over 2.5% of the total amount. Charter companies will typically pass the expense to the client.

Charter companies accept crypto

The desire to meet their clientele halfway has driven private charter companies to look into cryptocurrencies as a way to provide convenience and flexibility.  Bitluxtravel, for example, allows the client to search for a quote and get in touch with a representative who offers them payment options including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ripple and bitcoincash in addition to EUR and USD.

Why cryptocurrency

One of the reasons private charter companies like Bitlux accept crypto is to get around the high bank transfer fees. Cryptocurrency allows a transfer of money with below $1.00 for each transaction.

Secondly, the charter companies and their clientele get to enjoy anonymity in their payment processes and so their private business stays as such.

With bitlux, the cryptocurrency investor gets a real-world use for their money, which is an essential move as the cryptocurrency world keeps growing.

Finally, and perhaps the most appealing reason for private charter companies, cryptocurrencies offer a fringe way to transfer money fast and securely. The first benefit of this begins to be seen with the confirmation time for booking a private jet, for example. Cryptocurrency allows high volume transfers, confirmed within 30 minutes through payment processors that make the experience seamless for the client. Cryptocurrency dramatically improves the efficiency of every trip.

How Bitluxtravel works

Bitlux offers the following services:

  • Cargo jet charter services – Providing an opportunity to move oversized and fragile goods that you cannot move through a standard commercial jet. It offers urgent transportation without the hassle of balances and checks in commercial shipping operations. It also provides delivery tracking in all steps of the cargo chartering process.
  • Helicopter charter – Aircraft is chosen per client preferences, palletizing practices, cargo dimensions, handling choices, and load.
  • Aircraft management
  • Executive private jet charter – Every client is served by their preferences for things like timing and catering.

Cryptocurrency in the private charter world helps to eliminate fraud. After a private jet has left on a non-refundable trip, an unscrupulous customer could convince a credit card company to chargeback. Transactions solidified in the blockchain cut the risks of this type of fraud. The future of cryptocurrency in private aviation looks appealing as more companies adopt cryptocurrency to make their processes seamless.

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