BitLeex: A Platform Offering Trust Management for Virtual Currencies

There have been a lot of firsts in the cryptocurrency space which is just as well since the industry is relatively new. BitLeex is the first trading platform for virtual currency that offers trust management. It allows persons to trade and transfer funds independently into trust management through expert traders that the platform provides.

Thanks to the Bitcoin revolution, the creators of the platform thought Bitcoin to hold the future of the world. For them, no other cryptocurrency comes close to securing the future of virtual currencies. To that end, the platform’s mission is to promote and boost the currency industry all over the world.

BitLeex sees virtual currencies as passageways to monetary liberty for every participating individual. It seeks to provide independence from the threats sold by money governing bodies and intermediaries making the platform ideal for both the newbie and the professional trader. The founders claim to provide everyone an opportunity to chart their monetary course.

About BitLeex

Founded by a young team, BitLeex is ambitious. Although first established in March this year, the developers of the platform have worked together for a long time. They have worked on diverse and massive projects before deciding to build their ecosystem.

At the moment, both clients and users get a wide range of services based on the needs they have. The experience level of the user with cryptocurrencies will also determine how they use the resources BitLeex offers. People who know how to earn off the volatility of virtual currencies can utilize the amenities of the trading platform to their advantage.

The trading platform allows one to trade all available crypto assets. With a friendly interface, the platform makes it simple for anyone to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, ZCash, Dogecoin, Dash and Monero, among others and assures users of the safety of their data.

More to depositing money on the platform to earn more, BitLeex has a partnership program that assigns bounty. One can make money without any deposits. You can use the service as a wallet to store different coins. The platform has customization options meant to serve a client with any information level.

One is also able to use the platform on different devices – a feature which stands out. Other trading platforms change their design and layouts on different devices, but BitLeex remains the same on the mobile phone, tablet, and laptop.

How it works

To start trading on BitLeex, you register and deposit money using the method you find convenient. You can deposit using fiat systems or cryptocurrency. The platform supports Payeer and Perfect Money and is planning to link bank payment systems for international banks in the days to come. Registration is open to any person, but the platform does not allow users from Libya, Burma, Sudan, North Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan at the moment.

There are two ways to make money off the platform. Cryptocurrency rates are volatile, and so you need to read up on the trade before investing your assets. It works on the following principle – you buy crypto at low prices and sell them at the highest possible prices then make money from the differences in the exchange rate. If you would rather not use cryptocurrency rates, you can deposit money and transfer it to trust management to be used by traders. Traders will use the funds to earn off trends and news, making investments for you but keeping a small fee for themselves.

Operations on the service are automated, taking a maximum of two minutes to withdraw and deposit money. However, sometimes delays happen, but when they do, one can contact support. You will not be charged anything to store cryptocurrencies, but there are fees attached to depositing fiat and withdrawing money as can be seen here. Note also that there are interest rates that range between 3% and 4% per business day depending on your balance.

Trust Management

Trust is essential in any relationship whether personal or business. Trust management is about estimating trustworthiness through an information infrastructure that filters information and develops systems that help in managing assets. It is about assessing the reliability of other entities and exploiting it for different levels of cooperation.

On BitLeex, the idea is to help you earn from your investment relying on someone else’s expertise. You will get interest payments depending on your rate plan, assessed per day, week or month. All accruals are made on the same business day that you made your deposit. If you put assets on a non-business day, interest is rounded off to the nearest following business day.

The platform offers an opportunity to use any of three rate plans to earn perpetual interest from experienced traders. The Starting plan makes you 3% every business day. You can withdraw and deposit funds instantly, but you will have no VIP service or premium technical support. On the popular Standard plan, you earn 18% every week, calculated across business days and access to premium technical support. If you want to go all in, the Professional rate plan will allow you to enjoy an 80% per month interest with all the benefits including VIP service and premium technical support.

There is no time limit to earn a reasonable profit in trust management; you keep making profits to the time you close the deposit. You can only cancel your deposit after 70 business days in an irrevocable operation. That is, should you decide to return funds after cancellation you have to form a new deposit.

Advantages of BitLeex

Using BitLeex will allow you the following benefits:

  • Mobile support – The platform’s website is optimized for mobile phones and tablets so you can use it with your device of choice.
  • Protected data transfer – On BitLeex, there are no intermediaries for data, and the platform is secure.
  • Asset security
  • Trading flexibility – You can make exchanges on the trading platform between both digital and fiat currencies. People not interested in using regular crypto rates can use the platform as an exchange bureau.


With BitLeex, you can earn from your deposited assets or your participation in the partner program. The link you generate from the ‘partners’ section allows you to get rewards from posting it on your social networks or reviewing it on your blog. You can also have fun with finding vulnerabilities and errors in the website code to earn some money. As a user on BitLeex, there are many benefits.

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