Binance announced the suspension of derivatives trading, Amendaex counter-trend operations, providing customers with a variety of trading options

Binance issued a notice that from now on, Hong Kong users will not be able to open a new derivatives account in Binance. In addition, from the date announced in the notice later, Hong Kong users will have a grace period of 90 days to close their open positions. No further positions may be opened during the grace period. The limits include all futures, options, margin products and leveraged tokens, and Amendaex Exchange responded to The Announcement.

Amendaex said that for derivatives trading closed by Money Security, Amendaex would provide customer-related services to facilitate the different needs of Hong Kong customers.

Amendaex was a pioneer in contract trading and one of the early exchanges to launch futures contracts, so the experience of setting and trading contracts captured the needs of the market, with derivatives trading accounting for nearly 80% of Amendaex’s total trading volume 

In terms of contracts, the coverage is good, the freedom to set leverage on trading is high, trading patterns are rich, and The Amendaex derivatives trading volume is very large second only to Binance and Okex, and the transaction speed is quite fast. 

An overview of Amendaex derivatives                                       

Derivatives trading productsCurrencyThe amount of contractlever
Perpetual contract 98 species U-ranked, 37-species22.22~125  
Delivery contract1352 species U-ranked, 52-species shide-hon     22.2~125  
Options Agreement (US)BTC、ETHMargin factor 1 to 1.23

Perpetual contracts – Delivery contracts

The contract is Amendaex’s first product, and Amendaex is rapidly growing through contract trading, currently supporting 135 sustainable contracts and 104 delivery contracts, ranking third in the world in terms of volume.  

Amendaex’s contract volume is firmly in the forefront of the world, sufficient trading depth, high transaction activity is a major advantage, and the depth of trading for the exchange to attract more investors, liquidity is naturally not a problem. So the experience of trading contracts at Amendaex is good, fast and intuitive to operate.

Amendaex’s contract fees and leverage multiples are average, with mainstream currencies available from 22.22 to 125 times leverage and freely adjustable within this range.

In addition to the limits of the contract itself, the available leverage of the contract is also limited by the position, holding the position also affects the maintenance margin rate, the following is the BTC currency standard contract as an example to show the available leverage:

Bitcoin currency standard contract leverage and margin ratio comparison

BTC perpetual contractBTC delivery contractMaintain the margin rateMinimum initial margin rateMaximum available leverage
0 ~ 2,0000 ~ 5000.40%0.80%125.00
2,001 ~ 5,000501 ~ 3,0000.50%1.00%100.00
5,001 ~ 20,0003,001 ~ 22,0001.00%1.50%66.66
20,001 ~ 40,00022,001 ~ 42,0001.50%2.00%50.00
40,001 ~ 60,00042,001 ~ 62,0002.00%2.50%40.00
60,001 ~ 80,00062,001 ~ 82,0002.50%3.00%33.33
80,001 ~ 100,00082,001 ~ 102,0003.00%3.50%28.57
100,001 ~ 120,000102,001 ~ 122,0003.50%4.00%25.00
120,001 ~ 140,000122,001 ~ 142,0004.00%4.50%22.22

Options trading

In terms of option trading, Amendaex offers Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH currency ETH. And Amendaex offers an American option, i.e. both parties to the option to close their positions early before the contract expires, which is more flexible than the European option for Currency Security and allows for timely stop loss/take profit.

Compared to other exchanges, Amendaex has introduced a feature that is ideal for new people to get started with option trading – Options Selection, which allows newcomers to quickly select the right choice for their trading ideas in a short answer, which greatly reduces the entry difficulty of the option.

Margin: The buyer of the option does not need the margin, but the seller is required to pay the margin, the margin factor is 1 to 1.23,at the normal level.

By providing a wide range of investment services, this big change in the currency is undoubtedly a great opportunity for Amendaex to attract traffic.

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