Beginner-Friendly Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: Altrady Review

Anyone interested in trading cryptocurrency has to figure out a place to start. You have to find the platform that is suitable for you; otherwise, you waste effort, time and money. To do this, you have to know what goals you are looking to achieve, the regulations and the exchange security. For most people, the first few months of selling and buying coins in an exchange are a struggle. Depending on the exchange you choose, you have to analyze movements in coin prices and spend a lot of time trying to understand markets.

Altrady is a crypto trading platform with ten connected exchanges including Poloniex, HiBTC, Coinbase, Bitrex, BitMEX, among others. It is so comprehensive that it offers all the trading information you need like trading history, price charts, depth charts and an order book. It provides you with a portfolio manager, price alerts, a calculator to break even and trading pages that you can customize to manipulate widgets and create the layout you prefer.

Altrady promises smart and easy trading and this is made possible via market scanning. It uses Crypto Base Scanner, an application with an algorithm for analyzing coin markets within the base strategy framework. It runs all through the year, but you get a quick scan option to let you know of any major rises or drops in the market. When considering the platform, the following are things to think about:

The reputation

As you think about the reputation of a trading platform, consider what people say about it, but also about the way it does business and its terms and conditions. Altrady enables you to manage your portfolio and trades in many crypto exchanges in one place while assuring you 100% security for your funds. It uses an encryption that stores API keys safely on the servers.

The platform will also process order notifications in real-time. This allows you to know when your order is filled so that you do not miss your target for profit. The order will be monitored using its websockets connection. The way the platform is set up is easy to use, with the alerts working well in the platform and updates being easy to make.

Since it was set up in 2017, the platform has evolved from offering scanning solutions for cryptocurrencies only to an all-in-one platform for trading, analyzing coin markets and managing digital assets. The ongoing development has mirrored a commitment to improving the general trading experience, promising a bright future.

The features

With Altrady, you can trade on nine exchanges. The platform has ten interconnected exchanges, which means that trading is faster and easier. The beginner is able to find many trading opportunities on the daily. There is a daily market scan and analysis of its history for the markets that are available to you. The base scanner will look at the market prices against the base and let you know about trades.

Altrady also has an integrated news feature. It offers you the most significant events and news connected to a market next to where its chart is. With such information, you are able to make proper decisions. The app also gives you other information like trade alerts, price charts and price alerts – all these, from a platform that you can customize to meet your needs.

The fees

Most trading platforms that you find charge a small fee per trade. Bear in mind when picking one that fees are not standard so each platform chooses how much to charge. In most cases, they are charged as a percentage-per-trade and that could mean high costs, especially when coupled with withdrawal fees.

The basic plan for Altrady goes for €12.95 per month and is charged annually. With this, you get access to signals on Crypto PHP, Apex Trader, Zignaly and Nefertiti. The good thing with the platform is that you get 30 days of free trading without having to give your credit card details, which allows you a chance to try it out.

Altrady supports payment by bank transfer, PayPal, Altcoins and Bitcoin, Credit cards, SEPA and iDeal. If you buy a subscription before your trial period is over, the extra time is added and you get all features accessible to you during that period. Note that you do not get a refund for using your subscription time in part, but there is a money back guarantee for the first month’s purchase. If something happens as you trade, you can downgrade or upgrade to change plans.

Other perks

The world today is fast-paced. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, every second counts so you can easily miss an opportunity, hence the need for timely trades in the platform you use. You can access Altrady on your account anywhere, at any time with different devices. The application can be accessed through mobile, desktop and a browser. The mobile app may be the most convenient though because you can get real-time alerts whenever your coin of choice drops below the support level.

The platform also has four trading bots that you can integrate with and these are expected to increase over time. A trading bot could make your trading life easier and lower the struggles associated with needing to check market movements constantly and worrying about selling and buying orders on time.


Altrady allows the trader to consolidate their activities and link accounts. You can take advantage of many features including tools for technical analysis, extensive charts and a customizable UI. It aims to offer a secure and efficient service that relies on excellent API integration and reliable data feeds.

These are provided by a team that promises to do what is necessary to alleviate any concerns and provide investing and trading resources to make it possible for anyone who is curious to become competent. Altrady is a solid platform for the beginning trader and combines many desirable features in one medium.

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