Video: Basic technical analysis to understand long term trends

This video covers basic technical analysis: how to identify the trends long-term. This simple strategy had, among other things, made you sell yourself out of BTC / crypto in January 2018 (the start of the bear market) and been bearish / stayed away for the rest of the year.

My opinion is that being able to do technical analysis is essential to surviving in the crypto and actually making money and not being rekt.

In short, the strategy is based on this:

BTC is getting higher lows and higher highs = the trend is most likely bullish

On the other hand, if BTC makes lower highs and lower lows on higher timeframes, then the trend is most likely bearish. This is what the BTC has done throughout 2018. It has never managed to make a higher high followed by a higher low, so the trend has essentially always been bearish, yet unbelievably many have been fooled into believing that the trend is bullish on each rally.

Is the trend bullish = buy the dip.
Is it bearish = sell the rally.

And remember: Never go against the trend … your job is not to argue with the trend or market. It is following the trend.

Good luck.