Async Art announces the use of NFT Warehouse NFTW Token to solve the storage problem of auction

One of the largest NFT market platforms, Async Art, announced that it will cooperate with NFT Warehouse to use NFTWToken to solve the problem of auction item storage. It is expected to update the system on Friday (August 20). Async Art will start a major step in global financial reform.

Async Art: The future of programmable art

Async Art is a one-stop trading platform for digital art NFT “Non-Fungible Token” (Non-Fungible Token) that enables artists to mark programmable digital art as Layers. Instead of casting crypto art as a smart contract into a single Layers, the artwork on Async Art is treated as a package of assets.

AsyncArt splits the artwork into two concepts: Master (main canvas) and Layer (layer). Master is the main embodiment of the work, and a Master is composed of multiple layers.

In addition to the master referring to the entire work, it also includes a configuration file stored on ipfs, which mainly records information such as the picture containing the layer and the location of the layer in the master.

Since the NFT market began to receive attention, NFTW has always been an important target for many investors in this market. Through the integration of NFT landing applications, it has successfully triggered topics! The NFTW adopted by Async Art this time is the 7th largest currency among NFT-related tokens. It is issued and operated by the startup NFT Warehouse. In the future Async Art art auctions, the part using NFTW will be handed over to NFT. Warehouse is responsible for processing.

NFT Warehouse chose a more mature decentralized storage solution, so there is no problem of unavailability or loss of data like the existing decentralized storage, and because of the use of edge storage space, it is more dispersed on storage devices. The number of devices has increased significantly. Therefore, compared with traditional distributed storage, it has higher security and lower storage cost. This has also attracted a large number of users to invest in NFTW. Based on a large number of users and consensus, Async Art will be more Further integrate the global NFT system resources to allow NFTW to enter everyone’s daily consumption.

Async Art is actually the main driving force behind NFT Warehouse, because NFT Warehouse is one of the graduates in the NFT platform new accelerator project launched by Async Art two years ago. More importantly, another important promoter of Circle is Goldman Sachs. Such powerful resources and background have successfully pushed NFTW to the forefront.

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