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Araw ICO Review – E-Commerce Payment Ecosystem

ICO Project Araw

The unique framework of the Araw Token proposes service-providing and e-commerce companies to make reward programmes regular and introduce the ordinary people to cryptocurrency. Their solution is obvious and seeks to make cryptocurrency available to everyone. The primary goal of the Araw Token is to set up the Decentralised Payment Ecosystem, particularly for e-commerce to increase the chances of blockchain based cryptocurrency to be accepted worldwide. The Ecosystem of the Araw Token ensures a whole reward system in which every service-provider entity can partake.

The Araw Token Ecosystem

Araw Token Ecosystem

Araw Pay

Araw Pay is going to be an open widget to get payments in the form of Araw tokens and any merchant who is online, no matter the location, can use them just like every other payment gateway provider. They seek to ensure flawless Araw pay solutions in an Open API Platform, Araw e-commerce market and Araw web & mobile wallet.

E-Commerce Marketplace

Because of their dispersed ledger system, all items that are on sale gather from all sorts of parts on Earth in the marketplace. Sellers and buyers from various parts of the globe meet together in a peer-to-peer surrounding for transactions. Thus, platform users can have admission to the whole list of every offer that is on the table on the Araw marketplace. With the assistance of the Araw team and platform, every shop owner is entirely free to create an enterprise ranked e-commerce platform, or they can execute a single sale.

Araw Card – Touch & Pay

The target of the Araw Card is to make sure that customers can take micropayments from supermarkets, coffee shops or in daily online shopping. The Araw Card consists of (RFID)- Radio Frequency Identification that serves to interact with a card reader to authorize payments with the absence of contact.

Open API Platform

With Open API Platform on Araw Token, users don’t have to be familiar with any programming code or language to be able to make use of the system, and it is explicitly made to utilize out of the box.

Banking System Integration

With the immaculate banking system implemented in the Araw Platform, customers are going to have the possibility to purchase Araw Tokens by using connected bank accounts. Also, customers will be able to swap Araw Tokens with fiat and to assign cashback to related balance sheets.

Araw Mobile Wallet

With the faultless incorporation of Araw Mobile Wallet with cryptocurrency exchanges and banking the users on the Araw Platform could to the following :
They could Top-Up Araw Tokens with a simple button click.
Also, there is a chance to send and receive Araw Tokens.
Swap Araw Tokens with any of the cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Exchange Integration

Incorporation of Araw Platform with cryptocurrency exchanges gives the opportunity for users to exchange any other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum with Araw Tokens.

Ethereum Blockchain- Proof of Delivery and Service

The Araw Token E-marketplace leverages smart contracts to create the process of swapping goods with the Araw Token secure, quick and add trust.

Peer-To-Peer Transfer

The Araw Platform allows peer-to-peer transactions to offer users a possibility to take part in the direct exchange of services and goods.

Unified Reward System

The Araw Team targets to replace the primary limiting reward points system used by regular commerce companies with dynamic currency influenced with blockchain that enlarges interaction and participation among services and customers.

Conclusion – 4.5/5

Araw seems like an extremely professional project. The company has already operated for about two years which sets it apart from the majority of blockchain startups. Something important to mention is that the rewards feature is a brilliant touch and that could do some assisting in motivating businesses and customers to utilize the token.

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