Anonymous Crypto Trading – the Way to Go to Accumulate Wealth

Everyone would like a little bit of extra money on the side. It can help you to pay off bills or indulge your fantasy of going on a vacation or buying a new car. You have to work for it. The easy way is to trade online. You can trade in stocks but margins are slim and risks are high. The better option is to trade in crypto. Why? There is higher volatility and price difference. Bitcoin, for example, went from 10 cents to $1000. There is ample scope here in cryptos. For example, in January Bitcoin traded at $ 17500 but went down to less than $ 10000 by August. What goes down must come up and vice versa. Even as far back as 2017, Llew Claasen of Bitcoin Foundation predicted that the crypto has chances of going up to $ 40000. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream said to that Bitcoin could reach $ 20000 value by 2020 end and even go up to $ 100000 in the next couple of years. In short, the message is clear: trade in crypto if you want noticeable profits. The way to do it is to trade anonymously. This Changelly review shows you just one example of online platforms that permit anonymous trading.

Anonymous  trading

There are several reasons to trade anonymously. One is that you may not wish to submit KYC details that are prone to misuse. You may have your reasons to not make your details public or let anyone know you are a crypto trade. Your country’s local regulations may be a bit tighter than you desire. Whatever the reason, you can trade in crypto via the anonymous route as the changelly review here shows.

Buy, sell, make profit

In order to trade in cryptocurrencies you would first have to purchase Bitcoins and store them in a wallet in order to use them for trade. You would have to disclose your details at the time of using fiat currency to buy crypto but after that you can go on to trading platforms to buy and sell cryptos and make profit (or loss!). Trading platforms are better than using sites like or to find sellers who will exchange crypto for cash. Your best bet is to find a site like changelly about which you can know more through the changelly review.

It works as an intermediary between cryptocurrency exchanges and users with the added benefit of being able totrade in more than 150 different cryptocurrencies.  The important thing to note is that it does not require you to verify your identity or register at a crypto exchange. You can buy and you can sell. You can make decent profits to help you meet expenses or indulge your dreams.

You may, if you have spare cash, simply buy and hold Bitcoins in your wallet until there is a sizeable increase in price after a few months. You get even more profits.

Anonymity guaranteed

Where humans are involved there always is a risk of leaks and disclosure of identity. If anonymity is important then choose a site that uses automatic trading robot that integrates different trading platforms like Binance and Bittrex. You will find a site like changelly a better option as stated in the changelly review since it has robotic trading that covers Binance and Bittrex and also creates buy and sell bids on these exchanges besides telling you about the best rates on trade pairs. Since the platform does not ask for registration you can even trade under different names of your friends or family members and consolidate profits into your wallet. It is better than using mixer or tumbler services.

Safety in anonymity

 If you wish to stay absolutely anonymous there always is a risk when dealing with other parties. However, you can find platforms that follow regulations and assure security, such as changelly. It has over 2 million users across the world and permits transactions without revealing customer identity. You also get the best rate and zero deposit storage as well as instant exchange, all for a nominal 0.5% fee on all trades. See how well they implement safety for you: there is a limit on amount and number of transactions. Your first transaction is limited to $ 50, the second one can be made after 4 days for $ 100 and the subsequent one after 7 days with a  limit of $ 500. With this platform you can even use fiat currency to buy crypto and then trade with absolute safety, depositing profits into your wallet at the end of a trade.

You can keep on trading anonymously in small amounts and keep accumulating money. You can simply keep buying crypto like Bitcoin and store them in your wallet until such time as the value increases appreciably as some experts foretell. Sell your crypto then and make a windfall profit.

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