Amendaex offers a wide range of digital asset services to meet a wide range of market needs

Since its inception in 2009, blockchain assets, from Bitcoin to Litecoin, Ethereum, quantum chain, etc., have seen hundreds and thousands of times increase in blockchain assets, and individual assets have even increased millions of times, attracting a large number of investments around the world With the participation of speculative funds, the blockchain asset trading market has thus been hailed as the best market for investment returns in recent years, many exchanges have naturally emerged, and Amendaex has emerged as one of the best, as a few million-level trading matching engine of the exchange, successfully attracted market attention.  

Amendaex started with futures contract trading, the contract trading range is versatile, the leverage rate is also good, the allocation is small, attracting a lot of risk-loving investors. Since its incubation, Amendaex has enriched its product line, supporting 267 cryptocurrencies, a wide selection of options, competitive transaction fees, a friendly trading interface and no difficulty for novices.

In the human aspects of trading also do a good job, such as trading calculators, greater leverage autonomy, order model rich, in the Chinese region has always had a loyal user base, as well as excellent customer service Chinese.


  • Supports 250 plus cryptocurrencies with a wide selection.
  • The handling fee is competitive and the fee is clear
  • Most of the functions can be used without authentication;
  • The leverage multiple can be freely configured;
  • Good trading aids;
  • Customer service is excellent 7 x 24 hours manual service;
  • Leveraged trading interest rate is low, contract trading is easy to use 
  • The currency transactions of small coins are relatively diversified in selectivity;
  • Help center information updated in a timely manner;
  • Leveraged trading lending limits are relatively high;

The reason is low transaction costs, leveraged borrowing costs are also cost-effective, its own contract product strength is also strong, suitable for leverage or contracts and other derivatives such as transactions.

Archimedes once said, “Give me a fulcrum, and I can lift the whole earth.” Therefore, the parties exchanges do not want to become that fulcrum as the goal, is committed to building blockchain asset trading industry ecology, layout distributed storage point-to-point value applications, in which Amendaex really successfully aroused market attention, for global blockchain asset enthusiasts, to provide professional blockchain asset contract trading services, to create a fair, fair, open and accessible comprehensive financial trading platform. Amendaex will serve as one of the  fulcrums to build a complete decentralized distributed financial visualization system.

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