Amendaex hot and cold wallet features provide comprehensive protection for customer assets

With the rise of blockchain boom, more and more investment funds,VC and other investment institutions and individual investors participate. It is estimated that more than 3 million people are actively excavating, accumulating and storing blockchain assets and are still growing. Goldman Sachs, the world’s leading investment bank, also acknowledges that institutional investors are now increasingly struggling to ignore the blockchain asset trading market. Among them, Coin An, Fire Coin,Bitoex,Amendaex… exchanges, become an important trading platform for all investors.

Amendaex Exchange Wallet feature Wallet

Amendaex offers exchange accounts and chain wallets for users, hot wallets and cold wallets, respectively.

Cryptocurrencies purchased through French and currency transactions are stored in exchange accounts, with the advantage that trading is very convenient and requires no special transfer steps to trade directly, and Amendaex advertises its exclusive security technology to make its accounts as secure as cold wallets.

Amendaex provides “wallet on the chain” is a cold wallet, users only need to open the wallet function in the Amendaex mobile app  can be used, there is a separate address code, the private key is also the user’s own save, as well as mnimage, money collection, transfer and backup functions, complete functions, and have a good experience.

The first benefit is “ Full-featured functions such as mnemonics, wallet backup, etc” and You do not need to log into your Amendaex account to use it independently.

At the same time, Amendaex’s trading platform provides a versatile calculator that makes it easy to calculate returns, target prices and strong parity prices, and adaptive parameters based on the currently selected symbols.

For example, contract trading, because of the existence of leverage, fees and other factors, the calculation of income is a headache, and this calculator can perfectly solve this problem, set a good “leverage multiple” “open price” “close position price” “quantity”, click “calculation”, will directly get a variety of useful data, such as the required margin, income, yield, handling fees, etc., at a glance, especially clear!

Amendaex has no less than the handling rate of the currency, the contract trading range is versatile, leverage rate is also very low, as well as excellent customer service, as well as such as trading calculator and other useful trading aids, in the Asia-Pacific region has always had a loyal user base, in general,Amendaex as an international exchange, there are its advantages and bright spots, successfully grasp the market demand.

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