altair vr a blockchain based virtual encyclopedia

Altair VR ICO Overview – Virtual Reality Based Encyclopedia

Altair is the first platform created for exploring the world, using Blockchain technology. With Altair, users can learn about the world and transport themselves to the prehistoric events in virtual reality, creating an entirely new way to experience and learn about the world.

The information stored on the encyclopedia is created and maintained by the community, and it is therefore compared by many as a Wikipedia in virtual reality.

Product and Blockchain Utilization

With Blockchain, all payments are transparent, and transaction costs are low, maintaining the rights of all contributors becomes incredibly easy with decentralized storage of data on Blockchain to support independent and stable operations.

Altair can be compared to Wikipedia in the sense that the community is responsible for creating and maintaining content. Contributors are compensated for their work by tokens for their contributions. Being able to publish and monetize VR content in an established platform is a huge benefit for developers, and will potentially attract both companies and indie developers.

The platforms native token, ALVR is going to be utilized as a utility token. ALVR is going to be used for gaining access to the content on the platform.

Use Cases

By using the “time machine,” you have the opportunity to see different historical events from different angles. It will be your personal guide, working on a neural network, helping you choose new experiences for you based on your preferences.

altair vr time machine

You can use the technology to learn new skills.

altair vr learn new skills

Want to explore space? You can do that too!\


The project is led by Konstantin Urvantsev, known for building the world’s largest network of mobile plenary, and has won prestigious prizes in entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of the company behind the project, Altair Holdings. With him, he has CTO, Irkov Alexey, who was one of the first in Russia to use mobile penetration in 2010.


Their roadmap will end in June 2019, where the plan is that the majority of VR experiments will be available to most users with simple navigation designed for free travel and knowledge of the world with the help of neural networks. The main ICO started June 15 and will end August 31. The project is therefore very new to the market, and investors have the opportunity to be very early! The company, on the other hand, is not entirely new to the market but has recently made its entrance in the Blockchain range. Altair Digital has developed mobile planetary space in Novosibirsk and Altair since 2010.

Positive Aspects

Growing market – The VR software revenue is expected to grow from 19.9 billion in 2017 to 37.7 billion in 2020 (source).

Established company – The company has already released a Virtual reality app – Amazing Cinema, which has received over 350,000 downloads.

Unique – The platform is unique with a transparent ecosystem that makes the platform decentralized and community-based.

Voting system – The community manages the content through a transparent voting system. The community can publish ideas for content, which then can be crowdfunded or co-financed by the inbuilt trust fund, efficiently providing the platform the content that is most wanted by the users.


The main benefit of Altair is that it is an open cognitive platform that allows people to create their own creations with the possibility of earning. Over the past seven years, Altair has been a significant contributor to planetarium and astronomy, and their Blockchain-based project seems very promising. Earlier this year, they launched an application called “Amazing Cinema,” which after a short time received over 300,000 downloads. Throughout their time in the industry, they have also been involved in introducing astronomy for over half a million children in Russia. Their final step is now to create a platform for everyone to discover the world through teaching and interactive games, this time by utilizing VR and Blockchain.