AlphaX Airdrop Valued $25 + $10 per ref – Rated 4.3 on ICObench

AlphaX is developing a new, feeless cryptocurrency exchange featuring a new blockchain based shopping system. It is a cryptocurrency based on Scrypt and proof of stake technology. Every transaction made on the network is instant, secure and 100% anonymous. Learn more about the platform in the video on the bottom of the article.

Value: $25 + $10 per referral
Time to complete: 5 minutes

Tokens will be distributed at the end of the airdrop.

Token Ratings

ICOshock: 4.3/5
FoundICO: 9.4/10

AlphaX Airdrop Instructions

  1. Sign up on the Alpha-X ICO website here
  2. Log in and copy the AX wallet address (log in with username, not email)
  3. Go to the Alpha-X airdrop bot
  4. Join Telegram announcement group
  5. Join Telegram community group
  6. Follow on Twitter and retweet this Tweet
  7. Like on Facebook and share the newest post
  8. Like on Medium
  9. Submit your info
  10. Enter your AX wallet address (use the wallet address found in your Alpha-X account)
  11. OPTIONAL – Refer friends and receive 200 AX tokens ($10) per referral

Introduction Video