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2019 Blockchain DarkPool Trading System Global Conference

The Opening Ceremony of the FT Group Asia Pacific Operations Center was
Successfully launched in Malaysia!

“FT Group 3.0 DarkPool Trading Malaysia Launching Event” – a large
“Blockchain Offline Event” was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during the
afternoon of August 26.

FT Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary company established by Milton
Capital to gather numerous of fashion and family funds. The primary objectives of
FT Group Ltd is to expand the influences of enterprises in the economy of digital
assets and blockchain technology, establish a clear orientation and vision to the
user, provide better, safer, more efficient and effective services and thus to
popularize the application of FTCOIN in all industry.

The event was organized by FT Group with the theme of “Blockchain
DarkPool Trading System” and invited elites from all industries to witness this
great moment. This event had brought together blockchain experts from all over
the world includes academic and political elites, well-known opinion leaders from
investment institutions, financial institutions, and the media industry. Besides,
there were also DarkPool fans from 36 countries around the world, including
China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan,
and Malaysia. A total of more than 500 people to discuss the feasibility and
current results of DarkPool trading, redefine the value of DarkPool trading,
blockchain technology and the future direction.

Mr Surupam Chandra gave a FTCOIN technical explanation and announced
some recent data results. He has developed multiple blockchains for
multinational companies such as DAIMLER, KCS, and MCKINSEY’s. POCs. With
the knowledge and experience of blockchain, he brought a speech regarding the
concept of combining DarkPool and blockchain technology, explains its
development potential, and how the DarkPool trading system leads the new trend
of transaction. He explained to the audience that each transaction data of the
node is encrypted, it signifies high transaction security, and the DarkPool trading
system is adequately protecting the blockchain. The rise of mechanism
innovation has made it possible for us to look forward DarkPool trading system
leading next wave of new trades.

Mr. Jiang HengSheng, CEO of FT Group as a witness to the development of
blockchain had reviewed the ups and downs of Bitcoin development in the past
10 years with audience. He also analyzed the current trend development of
blockchain, its opportunities and challenges in the industry. Besides, he
passionately shared the FT Group’s development blueprint and future strategical
positioning planned by FT Group in blockchain development.

Dato Dr Chong, Chairman of FT Group gave a passionate speech through
showing a series of excellent data created by FTCOIN on the platform of
exchanges. Since July 31, in only a period of 20 days, the total trading volume of
FTCOIN on exchanges has exceeded 3 billion, and the price increase has
exceeded 1000%. Under the operation of DarkPool trading system and chain
mechanism, the value of FTCOIN is expected to break through more than
10USD soon and expected to challenge the price of 100 USD. Global currency
investors definitely concern the potential value development of FTCOIN. Every
participant is confident with FT Group and prompts to create another coin myth
after Bitcoin after the launching speech given.

The event had invited VVIPs from various fields to help out. At the same
time, the event allows participants and project parties exchange and discussion
regarding the topics of the conference, future development of blockchain industry
and platform vision.

Along with the flowing golden sands, it indicates the global launch of the FT
Group, the begin of FT Group 3.0 era.

Moreover, FT Group not only paying attention to the development of
enterprise, but FT Group also has always been paying attention to charity. At the
end of the conference, FT Group had donated RM88,888.00 to Malaysian
International Charity Association, Malaysian Charity Association Chairman Dato
Zeng as the recipient representative.

To have better development in the blockchain industry, it is inseparable
from more understanding and participation of users. FT Group is obliged to
popularize blockchain knowledge and cultivate blockchain enthusiasts. While
building the blockchain industry ecosystem, FT Group will encourage the
healthy development of the blockchain industry and continue to practice the
mission entrusted by the times: “Let the world embrace the blockchain”!

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